Wine Chiller 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Chiller Stick with Aerator and Pourer

Wine Chiller 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Chiller Stick with Aerator and Pourer

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Wine Chiller/Aerator/Pourer 3-in-1 : Instructions for use

-SINGLE BOTTLE WINE CHILLER STICK 3 in 1- This versatile product is the ONLY wine chiller stick you'll ever need to keep your wine chilled, aerated for maximum flavour as well as enjoy a perfect pour every time. Perfect to chill red/white & champagne.

-MESS-FREE ICE-LESS WINE CHILLER STICK - No more fumbling with ice cubes while water runs down your fingers and all over your table. Your Wine Chiller 3-in-1 combo gives you the pleasure of crisp, chilled wine without the mess! Perfect table wine chiller! Great gift item for the wine enthusiast, friends, families and your loved ones.

-ELEGANT STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN WINE CHILLER - Crafted from high-quality Type 4 stainless steel and BPA-free plastic to uphold wine aroma at an optimum level, your wine chiller stick is an elegant addition to your next dinner party, beach, camping, picnic or wherever you decide to enjoy a crisp, refreshing bottle of wine.

- A BREEZE TO USE WINE CHILLER - You'll marvel at how easy your the 3-in-1 ice-less wine chiller stick is to use. Simply store the detachable stainless steel chilling rod in your freezer for 2 hours. Pour out a small amount of wine to make room for the chiller. Then, attach the chilling rod to the pouring spout and insert into your bottle of wine. You now have a bottle of wine that stays deliciously chilled for up to an hour! Hassle-free. 

-SINGLE BOTTLE WINE CHILLER STICK - perfect for both White Wine, Champagne and Red Wine Chilling. Best suited for a 750ml bottle. You may also use the pourer/aerator for red wine without the chiller stick
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Type: Bar Accessories

- Bar Accessories Type: wine chiller
- Eco-Friendly
- Material: food-grade AS+ silicon+stainless steel model Number: WC001A
- Certification: FDA, LFGB

- Material: Metal
- Metal Type: Stainless Steel
- Dimensions: length 32CM, diameter 1.5CM, 104g