Leadership : THE LEADER YOU ARE : Discover Your Role, Driven by Solutions… (by Jake H Manhattan)

Leadership : THE LEADER YOU ARE : Discover Your Role, Driven by Solutions… (by Jake H Manhattan)

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Leading a business can be compared to being the director of a stage play. You never know the outcome; you can only do your part- the best and believe that the rest of the crew makes your efforts worthwhile.
Let’s be honest, the truth is that the success of a play is not dependent on the producer or director or scriptwriter; so many things could go wrong- an actor forgetting his lines, the lightning crew messing things up on stage, the sound engineers messing things up and the lines aren’t properly projected, what if the spectators find it boring? What if the acting crew simply think your control makes the play a drab?
A million and one things can happen and they will all be above your control.
Sometimes, it’s even a product of blatant disrespect of your cues and directions but deep within you, you just want things to work out. There is really no specified success-proven approach to being a great business leader. So, how do you run things? What approaches are the best? How do you get your crew to agree with your leadership approach and most importantly, how do you make the business stand out and become successful?
Long ago, leadership was simply a display of instilled fear and a barrage of commands; supported by organizational structures. However, times, trends and people have changed, and along with it is leadership styles and people management. This has necessitated a change in how leadership works; making it more focused on action, rather than words.

In this book, you will learn how to wed your personality type and your leadership style, with an in-depth analysis, you will discover how even the most disagreeing team can be made to agree to your every whims direction, and most importantly, you will learn to lead; not command.


Good for Team Building. Timely, for modern leadership talks (Peace&B...)

I liked the clear writing and felt that the leadership roles as a defined fit with modern organizational leadership. I have a team-building activity upcoming and will incorporate some of the ideas. Good Luck to the new author!