What our customers say:

"Thank you for your exceptional service ! I purchased a fitness tracker that upon delivery I realized was not compatible with my equipment. I contacted Kobus from 4GreaterGoods and he not only agreed to refund me but assisted me with the logistics in returning the fitness tracker via the courier company. I really commend you on your exceptional service and would not hesitate to buy again nor recommend you to anyone ! Such integrity and service is not easy to come by anymore. EM"


About Us:

A few years ago, one of my friends had a customer who did not pay them for some imported furniture. The customer was a well-known local furniture retailer at the time. Shortly after that he told us that they will be liquidating the company, in order to recoup their money and it would be open to the public soon to buy the remaining stock at very low prices. Long story but the short version is that three of my friends and I bought a considerable amount of stock and resold on it on Gumtree/word of mouth etc. After we have each taken a fair amount of stock for our personal use ie. the stuff what we did not want in our houses, we ended up with some profit which was split equally among the friends.

I used this money to start importing my own products from China and selling it via online marketplaces (my first product was a rechargeable bulb when we first experienced load-shedding a few years ago). So, I am glad to say not a cent of my own money was used to start this venture, if it failed it would be no skin off my nose. All the moneys used to buy new stock and profit thereon was reinvested in new stock, resold and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Today we have a range of products in different categories.

Why am I doing this? Well I am a serial entrepreneur at heart. I like to try new things and will often take “calculated” risks. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but hey I promise I will try again if another opportunity comes along (“do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got up again” – Nelson R Mandela).

Why am I really doing this?? Well, a few years from now my children will need jobs/university/courses/starting their own businesses. This is something I do to prepare them or have something that is ready to go if they need to start at short notice. Also, life happens, and you always want to have a fallback position and this business is ideal as it does not require full-time attention. It is really something anybody with a little bit of tech savvy and a lot of drive and determination/passion can start from their kitchen table. I am no big guru or have any special skills for this business, but it is possible to make a decent living from this and you learn the tricks as you go along. Be open to opportunities and they will come.

Special thank you to my wife Ronel for her input and advice in this venture.

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